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About WebsiteNEO

Kent, Ohio | Founded in 2015

WebsiteNEO, Inc | Marketing Agency

WebsiteNEO Inc formed in August 2015. The company was founded by Ryan Kralik, a former ad executive at one of the nation’s largest direct mail magazines. He was noticing more and more each year that clients were turning away from traditional advertising and focusing more and more effort and budget to digital marketing. Since 2015, WebsiteNEO Inc has grown to represent hundreds of clients in nearly every state in America. We represent small, one-man plumbing companies and multi-million dollar goods manufacturers and everything in between.

Our philosophy is a simple one and it has paid off. We take the marketing concepts and strategies employed by the biggest most successful companies on earth and we package those solutions on a scale that small and medium-sized businesses can understand, afford and be confident in. By making it our business to be experts in every area of marketing, we free up our clients to focus on what they do best: building, making, helping, sharing and running their businesses.

Web Design

We build and maintain a visually stunning website that leaves no doubt in your audience that you are a leader in your industry


Increasing visibility is easier said than done. The advantages have become standards. That's where search engine marketing comes in.


From postcards and catalogs to blow-ins and brochures - WebsiteNEO offers print production at prices that are nearly impossible to beat.


The most important part of building a website. A good looking website means nothing if no one ever sees it. We ensure your site is relevant.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Kralik


Chad Kralik

Vice President

Robert Miller

Project Manager

Bob Berryhill

Account Manager

Nico Veemara

Web Designer

Trevor Thompson

Web Developer

Kara Thomas

Product Specialist

Licia Butcher