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Search Engine Marketing

The Power of Paid Search Marketing

The fastest growing advertising vehicle in the world today is paid search marketing, or search engine marketing. Growing at over 10% each year, it will exceed all other media advertising combined by the end of 2020. The simple reason for this is that it works – exceptionally well. Search engine marketing allows you to accurately track ROI and get the best possible return on your advertising budget through targeted campaigns.

Choose your budget. Let us do the rest.

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Targeted Campaigns

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Measurable Results

PPC Advertising

Also known as pay per click (PPC), search engine marketing is exactly that. You set a budget, your ads are given priority in search results, and you pay when they get clicked. WebsiteNEO helps you get the most out of your advertising dollars. Through extensive industry and keyword research, we setup and optimize your campaigns to ensure your ads have the greatest chance of being successful. 

WebsiteNEO is a certified Google Partner and manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in online ad spend each year.

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